Mere minutes into my self-congratulatory festivities, it dawned me that — however proud of myself I felt that morning — the thing I was crowing about was such a tiny, pathetic little achievement. Being able to dress yourself? That’s an ability we expect grade schoolers to have mastered. How was it that, well into my 30s, I still felt pride at my ability to put clothes on my own body? If you’re someone who dresses in womenswear — particularly dresses and other high-femme items of clothing — you probably already know the answer. With rare exception, clothes for women prioritize form over function, treating comfort, accessibility, and even wearability as secondary considerations. When I reached out to women asking for examples of clothes that are nearly impossible to get into alone, I got a litany of complaints: Complicated, strappy tops that get twisted up when you put them on. Bracelets and necklaces with lilliputian closures. The ridiculous design of bra hooks, which many women told me they’re forced to put on backwards and then adjust. And, of course, there were tales of zippers, which can be as difficult to unzip as they are to zip up. Over Twitter, writer Lilly Dancyger offered up a quip that summed up the state of affairs for most of us: “The real reason women are so จั๊มสูทขาสั้นราคาถูก into yoga: the shoulder flexibility to zip your own dress.” “The real reason women are so into yoga: the shoulder flexibility to zip your own dress.” Men may huff and puff over pants pockets that don’t accommodate their lifestyles — remember the fury over the discovery that skinny jeans might warp iPhones ?

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